Portraits in China

Did you know…?

"Chinese Portrait Art predates 1000 BC, though none exist anymore. However, examples from 1000 BC are still to be found."- fact shared by Artnouv.com

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The Island of Hope

Recently, our director, Kritika who owns 2 online art galleries- ourselves and incredibleIreland was on RTE’s Claire Byrne Live, very briefly talking of how optimistic the outlook for Ireland is today.

The show was aired live on St Patrick’s Day’s eve and took a look back on the state of the nation, where we are and where we are headed.

If you missed her, catch her now for the next 3 weeks on the RTE website!

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Status and Wealth!

Did you know…?

Baroque (17th century) and Rococo (18th century) periods were categorised by a society dominated by secural leaders in powerful courts.

"During the Baroque & Rococo periods, paintings became a stronger symbol of wealth and status."- fact of the week by artnouv, your online art gallery.

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Batman, a la Van Gogh!


We certainly hope Van Gogh can see the humour and isn’t turning in his grave.

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A wee bit of attention for the males!

Last week, we showed a video of female portraiture, now for the men’s:

Yet again, we urge you to do your bit for history and get a portrait!

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A dog is a member of the family

Did you know…?

There was a huge folk movement in the 18th century:

"18th century saw artists travel to wealthy families painting the owners and their dogs."- fact shared by Artnouv, your online art gallery

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Happy Women’s Day

2 days, we celebrated female portraits. Today, we celebrate it again, with coloured women and women artists.

Here’s to us all supporting women, men and treating our human race as equals.

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