Painting for your Office

How best to walk the tighrope for artwork in your own space?

Our director shares her thoughts.


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Us on ‘Hearts for Africa’

We were on radio in San Francisco- again!
Becoming quite the regular, eh? ;)

If you missed our show, get a copy here:

We are show #85

This time, we are calling from artists in Africa- any one you know?

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Earlier today, our co-founding Managing Director wrote about her lessons on DISRUPTing an established industry, ie, ours- the art world.

My co-founders and I felt the need to disrupt the art world for three reasons:
- to make art more accessible
- to make art more affordable
- to make art a sustainable option for living

Read the full article.


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Us on Tech AM Power Drive

Last week, we wrote about us being on San Francisco radio station Desi 1170.

Tpday, we have the link for you:

We come at 16:42 – tell us what you think!

Enjoy and stay arty x

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We spoke on TechAM Power Drive

We spoke to Kurt Steele and co on Tech AM Power Drive, a radio station in San Francisco yesterday. It was our first radio call in the USA and we were VERY pumped about it.

However, the response from the host has left us even more excited- you can read it here.

I want to challenge all of you to go out and experience her company  You will not be disappointed.  Here is the summary:  You upload a picture and then an artist links up and paints on canvas you memory and delivers it to your home or work.  The price is affordable because Kritika has created relationships with artists around the world and while it saves us tons of money, it assists artists in other countries and makes a difference in their lives.  She is delivering money and meaning in one website.  This is amazing and I am jumping out of my skin because this could potentially change the world.

When we started we didn’t think we were changing the world, we didn’t think we were doing anything but spreading art and making it affordable and accessible to all but we love hearing others tell us that we have the potential to be a lot more.

Thank you Tech AM Power Drive- it was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to the link to the podcast.

Stay arty all!

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Relevance, proven again!

So every few months, there seems to be an article in the papers or on blogs screaming out how tough it is for artists.

The Irish Times did an article on Saturday referring to the NCAD Exhibition that closed yesterday. We saw some amazing talent there but nevertheless there is always the question- how many of them can make it? Not everyone can and unfortunately, not everyone will but we want to give everyone a fair chance.

If you are an artist and have 3 or more paintings ready for sale, come talk to us!

Call us on +353-1-5242420 to see how we can help you get your name out there!

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Silicon Republic’s Tech Start Up of the Week

Yeah, we’ll take that, thank you :)

“Much like wine, it’s difficult to sometimes know how to invest in art. With reasonably priced commissions, masterpieces reproductions and originals from upcoming artists, we have made your art, your way.”

Read more.


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