Cheat Sheet!! (on Art, obviously!)

So… we are an art company, run by people who love art but don’t know art.

Here is the cheat sheet we use to make ourselves sound more knowledgable and well, arty-*arty!!

A bitta humour before we start:

Images to portray the different art styles

 Style  Notes  Famous Artists
 Abstract Expressionism  – Mid 20th century
– Focused on form and colour
  – de Koonig
– Jackson Pollock
Baroque  – Massive in Europe
– Form af art and architecture
– Ornate, dramatic, realistic
 – Rembrandt
– Caravaggio
Cubism  – Focused on basic, geometric shapes
– Often presented the subject from different angles
 – Pablo Picasso
 Expressionism  – Exaggerated, distorted, emotional  – Edvard Munch
 Impressionism  – Originated in France
– 19th century second half
– Immediate Visual Representation
– Colour Focused
 – Claude Monet
– Renoir
 Minimalism  – Popular for Art and Sculptures
– 1950s to 1970s
– Simplicity was key
 – Richard Serra
 Pop Art  – Kicked off post 1950s
– Huge in the UK and USA
– Materials used from everyday world of popular fiction
 – Andy Warhol
 Post Impressionism  – Developed in Paris
– Late 19th century, early 20th century
– Emotional, personal work
– Rebelled against the realistic work
 – Van Gogh
– Paul Gauguin
 Romanticism  – Early 19th century
– Idealised work, nostalgic past
– Emotional works
 – William Blake
 Surrealism  – Popularised in 1920
– Dreams and imagiantions
– Eerie
 – Salvador Dali


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‘While We Looked Away’- Exhibition

With ‘Nirbhaya’ having been such a resounding success in the Pavilion Theatre a few weeks ago, this exhibition in India seems to be quite powerful too.

Any of you in India, if you have a few moments to spare August 28- September 5, drop in:

Flyer of the Photo Art Exhibition 'While We Looked Away'

Go on, see the truth in this world!

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Film is also Art!

So, a few weeks ago, the wonderful folks at TrakAx did a video about us.

They made it look so easy and simple that we hope to make many more over the next while- hope being the imperative word here.

Their equipment was a digital camera, a mike, a wheelie tripod (technical term, obviously!) and a tripod. The, it was our paintings and just us all having chats.

A great afternoon, fun project and all that jazz!

Here’s the finished product:

And here’s TrakAx speaking the real lingo and explaining the actual process: ArtNouv-TrakAx Case Study. Thanks again, guys.


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In the Irish Independent…

It’s not very often one wakes up to see ourselves mentioned in the newspapers- and not just any newspaper but the Irish Independent itself:

Image as found in the Irish Independent Supplement: on the image above to be taken to the main article!)

Or read today’s Mother & Babies “What’s Hot” section on Page 5!

Stay arty :)


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Help us, please?

Thank you, muchly!

We would love to hear about you would like to hear more!

Stay arty :)

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Painting for your Office

How best to walk the tighrope for artwork in your own space?

Our director shares her thoughts.


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Us on ‘Hearts for Africa’

We were on radio in San Francisco- again!
Becoming quite the regular, eh? ;)

If you missed our show, get a copy here:

We are show #85

This time, we are calling from artists in Africa- any one you know?

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