Online Love

It is often our patrons show us their love of our work but not so often when they do so online, so when they do… we get even more excited!

Truly, your art, your way!

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Monet’s dad didn’t want him to be an artist

Did you know…?

Monet's dad wanted him to be a grocer, not an artist- Artnouv's fact of the weekProve Monet Sr. wrong and buy yourself a Monet today!

Stay arty x

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Art is…

… a way of definitely affecting the senses!

"All Art is Erotic"- quote by Gustav Klimt on your online art gallery-

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Ideal height for Art

Did you know?

Artnouv of the fact is that ideally a painting should be 57" form the groundStay arty x

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Our Ely Exhibition

So were you one of the lucky people who made it to #ElyBigTasting? Yes? What a wonderful evening it was, wasn’t it?! The different wines, the fabulous nibbles, the delicious cheeses and ofcourse, our wines!

For those of you who couldn’t make it… keep an eye out for the next one and make sure you get there on time!

Here are some of the original paintings we had on display that evening: We also had a bespoke piece we did for Ely wines as a thank you and originals by the artist Deirdre Curran whose work can be seen on your online art gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Understanding and Appreciating Art…

InĀ  Monet’s words…

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.- Claude Monet

Have a few minutes to spare? Go browse our gallery of originals and reproduction art, just for the love of it!

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Importance of Art

Did you know art can help us all in our lives. It teaches analytical skills that come in handy especially for medicine, investigations and anything else using logic.

Art teaches us to analyse- Artnouv, your online art gallery

Even more reason to buy art for yourselves or take a walk in a museum or an online art gallery!

Stay arty x

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